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Lampo Cut takes its name from the Italian word “LAMPO” (Lightning or Flash in English) as it is the synonym of speed. It is a simple, easy and fast solution for cutting tiles up to 3200 mm (125 in) in length (if desired, it’s infinitely extendable by purchasing further extensions apart!!!). The engraver’s guide houses two silicone inserts to maximize adherence to the tile during cutting.


Special profile rail, high resistance structure with rubber inserts: no scratches on the surface more stability during cut


Supplied with 2 cutting wheels Ø 15 mm (key set included).


Robust and comfortable to use carriage with 3 nylon sliding pulleys with 3 ball-bearing.

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Product Description

  • The engraver can be equipped with 2 types of different cutting wheels: one 22mm for very hard tile types and ONE 15mm for less hard tiles.
  • Three ball bearings of great added value on a mechanical level, are the heart of three nylon pulleys on which the trolley slides: the latter perfectly match the aluminum guides without wearing them, guaranteeing smoothness and precision over time.
  • 3 suction cups with an easy-to-apply attachment to secure the position of the rail while cutting.
  • Lampo Cut kit supplies two breaking pliers: the first for thicknesses up to 7mm and the second for thicknesses up to 25mm.

Technical Details

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